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portable herbal vaporizers

All about portable herbal vaporizers

Are you looking for the best portable herbal vaporizers on the market? I have spent many months researching all the various kinds of herbal vaporizers available on the market today in an effort to find the very best one for me. After spending so much time on research I ended up with a wealth of knowledge on the subject of vaporizers and vaporization. With the aid of Glyn, my friend and fellow vaporizer connoisseur, we decided to make a website to both inform and help others in need of reviews and guidance when purchasing portable herbal vaporizers for themselves or others.

Benefits of using Portable Herbal Vaporizers

  • No smoke – Smoke is full of dangerous cancer causing chemicals such as carbon monoxide
  • Odor free – Eliminates smells in the home, car and even your clothing. Vapors smell great and vanish quickly!
  • Less waste – Vaporizing allows you to get 75% more use out of your herb! Burning is wasteful.
  • Save money – Using less product will leave you with extra cash for other forms of entertainment.

portable herbal vaporizer

Portable herbal vaporizers vs Standard herbal vaporizers

If you want to know the difference between standard herbal vaporizers and portable herbal vaporizers then you have come to the right place! You will notice this site is split in half with a category for each and using the menu bar to the right you can easily see the benefits of using both. I encourage you to read the “why” section for each type and pay close attention to user reviews for each product before you make a buying decision. Although this site was originally intended to be about portable herbal vaporizers and why I chose to buy one, I have included the benefits of both so you can come to your own decision!

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